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Some people love bathrooms. I don't. Give me a beautiful, big kitchen over a bathroom any day. But our bathroom was in dire need of some updates.

Not big updates, just time consuming ones that I had put off. For reference sake, here's the layout of our upstairs. Eventually we're going to turn the upstairs guest room and "junk" room into a master suite, but that's a rather large project that we're just not ready for at the moment.

And no, that's not an accurately scaled representation of our house, but it's close enough. I can already hear Vern's comments.

The bathroom was in pretty bad shape when we received the keys. Everything was outdated and gross.

There wasn't anything to salvage, so we took the entire room down to the studs. Then slowly put it back together again.

New sinks, electrical, mirrors and lights. We went from left to right and called it good. And it was good.

The bathroom worked for us We didn't design this bathroom for ourselves, we designed it to be a flip house bathroom, which isn't to say that it wasn't done properly.

There were just a few things that I would have done differently if I would have known we eventually were going to live there.

For example, I would have gone with a double sink vanity rather than two separate single sinks. There is absolutely NO counter space in this bathroom.

Something like that is just one of the little things we didn't really think about. Over the last two years I started noticing that things were looking a little rough.

Not necessarily "bad. Granted, the above photo doesn't look horrible, but upon closer inspection Cracking trim around the window.

Wenatchee's temperatures fluctuate greatly. Winter is freezing cold and summer is ridiculously hot. Because of the fluctuating temperature and moisture in the air, we typically notice cracks more in the winter as the air is colder.

All of our trim is MDF, and MDF doesn't have a grain like lumber, so it shrinks and expands in the winter when the air is dry. The window trim wasn't the only area being affected either.

The crown molding was suffering the same fate:. The same happened around the toilet. The caulk looked awful and just generally gross.

But the biggest eye sores? Not pretty. The wall was due to water from the shower sneaking out of the shower curtain and down the wall.

That problem ended up being an easy fix. A clear acrylic lip affixed to the tub to stop water from leaving said tub.

However, the wall has sat like that for over a year. For the most part it's honestly not that noticeable, until you use the toilet and are staring right at it.

And the tile? Yeah, that mess is completely our fault. We never sealed the grout lines, which allowed dirt to slowly stain them.

Sad bears. Sad and dirty looking is how I would describe the state of the bathroom, which is NOT my style. You might look at that title and think: Oh, she's joking.

This mostly consisted of me pointing at things and saying "That needs to go" or pointing at walls and asking Vern if they could be removed.

When we walked in that first night, I ran my hand along a cabinet base that was to my immediate left and said, "Don't throw this away.

I want it. It would make a great credenza. This is the best "before" picture I could find.

Sorry folks! We've been living with a fully functional office for quite some time now and it is absolutely amazing.

One room down and 12 more to go! There's nothing that makes me happier than a functional space, well, other than kittens, wine and my beautiful man-friend, but functional space is a top contender.

I was actually able to dig up a picture of what this room looked like when we first purchased this house.

Labels: House , Decorating , Office. What a tease I am. Two posts in one week and then silence for four. At least it hasn't been over two years like last time!

I know you all were waiting on pins and needles for the next phase of the office makeover, so let's get on with it.

Then I DIYed a stenciled accent wall leaving the room like this :. Once upon a time, Vern bought a house on his lunch break.

And that's how we wound up with the Mason house our current house. Before the real estate market became what it is today, we were still able to find salvageable homes at a really great price.

In , he came across this little gem on Auction. Labels: DIY , Office. Larch, before and after. I know.

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The effect of cage positioning on lumbrosacral vertebral endplate failure in compression: Creator: Labrom, Robert David: Date Issued: Description: Anterior column cage or graft subsidence remains a biomechanically and clinically serious problem that affects the performance and patient outcome of any spinal arthrodesis surgery.

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