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- 25 Telefon: - 0. Telefax: - 25 E-Mail: [email protected] E-Mail für Interessenten: [email protected] comdirect Kontakt ☎ alle Telefonnummern ✓ Kartensperrung ☆ Beratung & die besten Tipps, um unseren Kundenservice schnell zu erreichen. Telefon für Kunden: - 25 E-Mail: [email protected] Fax: - 21 Anschrift: comdirect bank AG Quickborn. Servicezeiten: Mo. Generell kostenlose Depotführung; Schnellste Erreichbarkeit mit first-spezifischer Telefonnummer und E-Mail-Adresse; Persönliche Betreuung durch das. Hier findest du die aktuelle Adresse von comdirect. Auch Fax, Telefonnummer und E-Mail sind vorhanden.

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comdirect Kontakt ☎ alle Telefonnummern ✓ Kartensperrung ☆ Beratung & die besten Tipps, um unseren Kundenservice schnell zu erreichen. Sie können den Comdirect-Kundenservice auch per E-Mail über das Kontaktformular oder per Post erreichen: Das Kontaktformular finden Sie. - 25 Telefon: - 0. Telefax: - 25 E-Mail: [email protected] E-Mail für Interessenten: [email protected]

And I received an answer: in the future the PSD2 regulation also requires a randomly generated component like a TAN at login to the account The current state however is that there is no way to change the password "rules".

As far as I aware, PSD2 is now life, right? Has the situation been changed with PSD2? What I'm looking for is an improvement in 2 components: Enable Photo-TAN for login Give the ability to make a strong password not this weird 6 numbers thing Please, let me know if the situation with weak security in comdirect has been improved.

Thank you, Denis. Antworten 0 Danke. There is still no requirement to use a second factor on each login.

Regards Bastian. Antworten 3 Danke. Personally I prefer the way it is implemented here. Critical activities require a TAN anyway.

Antworten 4 Danke. I am a minor 17 years old who lives abroad, I am a foreigner. I will come to Germany alone without my guardians. When I arrive in Germany, can I open a girokonto on my own without the presence of my guardians?

Or can I open it online from my home country? According to German law, you can only be legally competent to do business from the age of But there are no processes for this from abroad.

That does not make any sense for German banks. In more details, I am coming in Germany to do bachelor degree. I will open a blocked account through x patrio, so I should be responsible of opening Girokonto to transfer the monthly allowance to my account.

Is there any document needed from the university that could facilitate opening Girokonto? Comdirect does not offer this type of account.

As far as I know, only Deutsche Bank does that. Once you have arrived in Germany, you can apply for a free checking account at Comdirect.

This is useful for everyday electronic spending. I would like to open an account with Comdirect as an exchange student in Germany.

However, as the application is completely in German, I have gotten very confused about the Visa Card. There are two options available to me: the free Visa card and the Dispositionkarte.

Are you able to tell me the difference between the two? I opened an account in comdirect and I received my cards.

They refused to open me a Dispositionskredit account I have just moved to Germany, so that might be the reason. I have two questions: 1 I can use my VISA card only as a prepaid card, by transferring money to the corresponding account?

And when? The day that I bought it or at the end of the month? Thank you in advance! Yes, congratulations that it has worked with the account opening at one of the best direct banks in Germany.

That is not a naturalness, when you have not established a credit rating in Germany yet. After all, the money on the prepaid card is yours.

Thank you very much! I have one more question concerning the prepaid card. Can I use it in countries with Euro currency withdrawals and payments without any further charges?

I just applied for a new account with ComDirect. I called the Comdirect helpline and they told me that it can also be done via Commerzbank.

Name required. Mail will not be published required. I want my comment to be discarded. Only check this, if you are a computer program.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Portal for clever banking in Germany and abroad.

Legitimating through video call! As in almost all countries, also the banks in Germany have to identify their customers beyond doubt.

Therefore, this is nothing special. However, it is special that the Comdirect Bank is one of the first banks that have implemented a convenient ID-procedure via video call.

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Name required Mail will not be published required I want my comment to be discarded. Switch to Comdirect. Great new option:.

Banking in Germany explained current accounts savings business accounts credit cards loans. We support small to medium size businesses from 2 to 2, stations.

Applications include voice mail, auto attendant, paging and more. The true cost of technology today is voice and data services.

Our Carrier services team represents more than Carriers, assuring that you find the most cost-effective solution for your business.

Structured cabling is the lifeline for the voice and data network in any business. It is the foundation on which all other business activities depend.

Our teams of ComDirect professionals are experts in providing low voltage voice, data and video solutions. With over 40 years of experience providing business communication solutions, more than 60 million users in countries have entrusted us with their communication needs.

E-Mail Reklamation Comdirect Hotline für Kunden: 25 00 (​erreichbar 24 Stunden Comdirect Kundenservice via E-Mail oder Chat kontaktieren. Vorsicht. Fake-Mail Im Namen von Comdirect mit dem Betreff "postbox: Sie haben neue Comdirect news" von ist Betrug. Sie können den Comdirect-Kundenservice auch per E-Mail über das Kontaktformular oder per Post erreichen: Das Kontaktformular finden Sie. einen Blick. Die comdirect bietet einen 24h-Service, 7 Tage die Woche an. Den Kontakt zur comdirect können Sie telefonisch, per Fax oder E-Mail aufnehmen. Anschrift: comdirect bank AG Pascalkehre 15 Quickborn. Kontakt: Telefon: Telefax: E-Mail: [email protected] Comdirect Mail Depotvergleich Österreich. Weltsparen Erfahrungen. Ich bin sehr zufrieden. Diese Seite benötigt JavaScript, um richtig zu funktionieren. Continue reading Anleitungen und Tipps für alle Verträge und Kündigungen. Viainvest Erfahrungen. Weiter so! Produktvergleich - wichtige Produktmerkmale im Vergleich. Top-Fonds Februar

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There are banks out there that require a TAN for each login. And in parallel their online communities are full of complaining customers describing how cumbersome it is to generate a TAN each time just to check the balance.

That's not what I prefer. The funny thing is that it's extremely easy to satisfy both types of customer:. If you prefer one type of security — it's your choice, not a problem for me.

I am just another kind of guy. I prefer to have strong security everywhere where it's possible. You can call me paranoid, but I expect my bank to give me a choice to be paranoic.

Unfortunately, that change is much more complicated than it looks like. The PIN is also used for identifying customers when they call the support hotline.

You have to enter the PIN via your phone keypad and it is verified by the language computer. For this purpose, a more complex PIN would not be possible to use.

What can I bring to the a German Post-Office that the employee will admit? Because all these papers are in Greek language.

What would be the best options to transfer money to this account from the U. I know basic German and am trying to learn some banking German.

Would they decline me if they think my German is not good enough? TransferWise is cheap and fast.

However, I do not know, if it is always the best solution. Nevertheless, it is more important to me to have a permanently cheap and reliable partner in financial matters, than saving 5 cents in one occasion.

If you are able to fill out the application for account opening, then your German is good enough! Hi Cash withdraw is free abroad by using the credit card.

And what about payments with the credit card? Which commissions are paid? Thanks Rui m. Yes, this is correct. Withdrawing money outside Germany is free of charge with the Visa credit card.

Payments in Euros are also free of charge. At payments in a different currency e. USD you will have to bear 1.

When withdrawing money in a foreign currency — e. US-Dollars — no international service fee applies.

So it may be clever to withdraw money at ATMs in non-Euro countries and to pay in cash. Sorry, one more question. Do you have any instructions to open a current and credit card account?

I can only find to open a savings account. In the German language version, there is a small series about the account opening.

Hi, i have a quick question, i have a German bank account from Sparkasse, this is a personal bank account, i do receive money from selling things on Ebay, do you think i can open a comdirect account and receive payment something from Ebay Deutschland?

Thanks in advance. Steuer-Identifikationsnummer TIN z. EU-Personalausweis, lokaler Steuerbescheid.

Regarding 2. You should not need to use this form if you go to a German Post Office They will create a form there for you and you just need to sign it,.

The form you mention Feststellung von Identität, Wohnsitz und Steuer-Identifikationsnummer is to be used only if you go to a Notary it says signature of notary at the end!

But, I cannot find the PostIdent coupon. It seems that only VideoIdent is available on the website. In my case, the PostIdent-Coupon was on the last page of the PDF-document, which was generated after the online application.

However, this is not a problem. Just write an e-mail to the customer service of the bank and ask for another PostIdent-Coupon for the legitimating and you will receive it via e-mail.

Hi tanja, I recently opened a comdirect account, and I did filled all the information, then they send another letter again with a coupon, the letter also said it can be faxed as they have all the information, the was a mistake with my citizenship and date of birth so I rectified the mistakes and signed, then I faxed it.

That arround the 16th of November. When do I get the reply back if my account was successful or not, I live in Germany for 4years now.

And the funny part is daily I check the postal box to see if my reply came. Hi I am an australian and have moved to Germany for 1 year for work.

I earn between euro a month can I open a com direct bank account and what are the fees involve. Is there any way to make cash deposits without any cost?

The deposit through the ATM of the Commerzbank is 3 times a year free of charge for Comdirect customers since the last change in the price list.

Then, cheap Euros 1. This at least applies, if one deposits on the current account. One can only deposit to this account at the counter.

Do you want to try this for yourself? I am a US citizen who visits friends in Germany annually. I would like to open an account in Germany and transfer funds in advance of travel.

Can a savings account with a debit card do this or is there another option? A pre-paid account? Hi, I live in Iran and I want to open an account in comdirect bank.

Please inform me what should I do from here. I am Swiss citizen leaving in Switzerland and currently interrested in opening Girokonto by Comdirect, in order to avoid cash withdrawal fees while travelling abroad.

However, when I start the opening process and fill-in the online formular, system asks me to fill-in the postIdent formular because I live in Switzerland… I thought that videoIdent were avalaible for Swiss people.

Is it still valid? Greetings, Many thanks for this information about Comdirect. I opened an account with them this week and have been impressed with the service.

Most European banks seems reluctant to open accounts for US residents. With Comdirect, it was a breeze. I am in Strasbourg for several weeks.

The clerk verified my identity and mailed the application. Comdirect wrote by email, asking that I complete an additional form. I returned it by email, and the account was opened the following morning.

In total, it took four days. I look forward to doing business with the bank. I especially like that they allow several free deposits each year at Commerzbank.

Being able to deposit the cash with ease back into the new EUR account is a great benefit. Very pleased, and grateful for your website, without which I would not have heard about Comdirect.

The description of your experience with the account opening is great. Hello, I am a British citizen, resident in France.

I own an apartment in Germany which I rent out, so I need a bank account in Germany. I almost never go to Germany so I cannot go inside a bank.

Do you recommend and is it possible from outside Germany to open a Comdirect account? Thanks so much. Hello, the Comdirect is a good choice in this case.

But you are going to have to travel to Germany, in order to legizimize yourself at a German post office Deutsche Post via PostIdent.

That is the simply way to do it. An alternative would be the legitimization via a notary.

Good luck! Good day, I am a Ukrainian citizen without registration in Germany. I am seaman and working in German company.

The company ask me to open bank account in Germany in order to transfer my salary. Next month few times my ship will visit Hamburg.

Please let me know if I can open bank account in Comdirect bank? What I have to do for this? Which documents I need to provide to the bank in order to get account.

Best regards Yevgen. I am Ukrainian, too, and I am curious if it is possible at all without permanent residency in Germany.

Any suggestions? Thank you for your feedback! Have good luck and much good experience with your new German bank account. Hello, I recently opened a comdirect online account.

Is it possible to have a Schufa now? How can I get my first free Schufa in that case? Just wanted to let you know that recently I was successfully able to open an account with Comdirect as a UK citizen not living in Germany.

While visiting Germany I went to a post office to do the PostIdent process and they sent it off with my application form.

Within a few days I received an email asking for proof of residence in the UK so I sent a telephone bill. Within a few more days they had processed everything and opened a Girokonto, savings account and prepaid visa card.

Initially they said I could write to them in English and they would reply in German but they have since said they only accept correspondence in German.

There is no English at all in the letters or website, but the app for the iPad is in English and google translate can be used.

I hope this is helpful to someone in the same position as me. If apostille is required, how does it work? As the editorial team we gladly share tricks and tips about finding the fitting banking accounts in Germany, as well as opening and cleverly using them.

But our possibilities reach their limit when it comes to individual agreements between a bank and a customer.

I have recently come to Germany for few months for project work. I wish to rent an apartment for this duration, and in most cases a bank account is needed.

Can I use my temporary address or office address for registration and initial correspondence. In this case, Comdirect is not the right bank for you.

I am russian citizen. I want to run am international website where financial operations are involved found. Can I open bank account in Europe via internet for this operations?

As a citizen and resident of Kyrgyzstan I tried to open an account with Comdirect Bank but failed. You also should indicate German mobile phone number, otherwise online form will not be accepted.

The online application is only suitable for residents of Germany. If you apply from a different country, you need the PDF application.

Best of luck! If that is the case for example if you live in Austria you could alternatively provide a copy of your registration card, tax reports or something equally official unfortunately, a copy of the rental agreement will NOT suffice.

I plan to travel to Germany and can visit bank myself instead of applying online. When I rand I was told to use the Vpay card as I was in europe.

I dont have a pin for this card. In order to obtain a new PIN, you can contact the bank directly e. They will provide you with a new PIN.

I am writing this message to thank you for all the information you have gathered here, that has helped a lot of people I am sure to open a German Bank account.

Because I have benefited from all this information, please allow me to write about my personal experience: In March, during a trip of mine, I got in Munich airport for 2 hours, so I went to the airport Deutsches Post, to do the PostIdent procedure.

Although I was a little sceptical in case something was ommited and I would not be able to do the procedure again, in the near future , everything proved to be fine and in a week or so, I received by mail all the necessary documents from Comdirect.

I would like to inform your readers that in Munich Airport you need to get OUT of the security area in order to get to the Post Office, so you need to pass the security check again, if you continue your flight- so, plan your time accordingly.

I have followed the instruction provided here and took a chance to apply for a VISA card, although i am working for a German company here in Deutschland, with a standard income and have provided the bank with every detailed information with proper records.

Quite surprised, could you please let me know any other legitimate options other than DKB and Comdirect? If you still are particularly interested in becoming a customer of Comdirect, it might be a good idea to first open the Tagesgeld account.

Since this is a savings account without credit line, a credit check is not required. Once you have this account, put money in it and develop a good history as a Comdirect customer, you will probably have better chances to get other accounts there as well.

Hello, I am British but reside in the Netherlands and have Dutch identification i. In the VideoIdent system it only accepts video calls from.

Austria Switzerland Luxembourg Liechtenstein. Why not Netherlands? Can I go directly to a Comdirect bank in Aachen and open an account there?

What you could do instead, if you travel to Aachen, is to legitimize yourself via the PostIdent procedure at a local German post office.

I have opened an account at comdirect not long ago, their service is amazing. I only opened a girokonto but not long ago I sent another letter to get the bonus option for purchases reimbursed for a depot, since I have some experience with all kinds of wertpapier I managed to get everything sorted out.

I live in Hungary so I had to go through a German language certified notare and have an apostille certificate added to the paper.

It will be very handy once I move over to Germany now to receive my wages and get essential payments going for Internet and other stuff.

They do have English speaking colleagues but mostly will only communicate in German which is not much of a problem.

You can leave the account empty for a few weeks without worries. The bank does not define a duration. From Hungary this works simply and inexpensively with the specialty provider TransferWise.

I regularly use TransferWise for international money transfer with changing currencies. I am an Argentinian resident and citizen.

I have also a Polish citizenship. I will buy a property in Berlin area, and during the next four years my aim is to rent this property and by to live there, when I will be retired.

Is there any possibility to open an account girokonto, or something seemed BEFORE buying my flat, so I could transfer there my money to this purpose and other expenses, and also for deposit the rent?

Thank you a lot. Hello, I have opened a Comdirect account, they have sent me the visa card but not the giroconto card.

Is it possible? What should I do? Also, in which situations I should pay attention for not paying any fees to comdirect? Is online login, sms or tan free of charge?

Which actions need payment? Regarding the other questions: Of course Comdirect do not charge any fees for signing into online banking, and not for sending SMS.

It is possible thought that SMS costs are incurred from your mobile provider, when the message is forwarded abroad.

I still have no reply from Comdirect bank. Please inquire directly at the bank. Depending on the postal delivery each way, this can be very differing in different countries.

We hope you will receive your mail soon. I just want to know if the bank would let me know whether they accept or reject my application so that I could know, not just keep me hanging without anything.

I arrived in Germany two weeks ago and are still using my travel sim and number until I can find a german one. I have however, already registered my current address.

When opening an account, the bank is statutorily obligated to document the residence and tax residence.

In most cases, this is very easy and taken care of together with the legitimization process PostIdent or VideoIdent.

It is a good sign when the bank sends you this form, because then the account opening is imminent. I am residing in Romania and I recently succeeded in opening an Girokonto inkl.

Tagesgeld Plus with Comdirect. There were some hassles because of the identification part and me not knowing any German.

They will only sign a Romanian translated form, that has further to be translated back in German. My solution was identification via Post-Ident during a trip through Germany, where it took less than 10 min without any German word, just with showing the papers and repeating Post-Ident.

I want to ask you following:. Alternatively, is Transferwise better? What are the alternatives and what do you advise for the the money in the Girokonto, a saving or an investment plan?

As one of the benefits of having a DE account is shopping online on German sites, what is the safest payment method to use with Visa Card details, via Comdirect online or better a PayPal with the Visa Card attached?

Congratulations for succeeding re. For transfers between two currency areas, TransferWise is usually less expensive. This is, why this provider is so successful!

Information regarding wealth building with direct banks in Germany are — from us — only available in the German version.

In Germany, there are various payment methods for online shopping. You can decide for yourself, which method you like best.

Personally, I prefer a credit card. Between 2, and 3, Euro should hardly be a problem. In case of higher amounts, it is recommended to discuss the collection with the Comdirect customer service.

Hi I am a Japanese and living in Japan and have no possibility to live in Germany. What document is necessary to identify me to open the account on you?

Should I get the apostille of my passport and send you it with other documents necessary? The post office in Japan does not seem to have the system of PostIdent.

Please, always direct such question to the bank directly. If one lives abroad and is not a German citizen, one needs a good reason for needing the account, a reason the bank can understand.

In exceptional cases, it is possible. Primarily the bank opens accounts for people who live in Germany or are expats.

This makes sense, because the communication as well as the online banking are always done in German language.

Hello, I tried to open Visa card in Comdirect but faced following problem. What to do? Maybe someone already solve such issue. For the previous address, put in the German one again.

Print out the account application and then manually strike out the previous address, manually put in the correct one and sign the changed area.

Mail the application to Comdirect. My Ukrainian passport originally issued in Sep , extended till Sep is about to expire in 2 months.

My questions are: 1 Would I be able to open an account at Comdirect? Indeed I lived in Germany in the past and still have an account in Commerzbank.

We offer multiple IP and Digital solutions based on the size of your business and application requirements.

We support small to medium size businesses from 2 to 2, stations. Applications include voice mail, auto attendant, paging and more.

The true cost of technology today is voice and data services. Our Carrier services team represents more than Carriers, assuring that you find the most cost-effective solution for your business.

Structured cabling is the lifeline for the voice and data network in any business. It is the foundation on which all other business activities depend.

Our teams of ComDirect professionals are experts in providing low voltage voice, data and video solutions.

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As in almost all countries, also the banks in Germany have to identify their customers beyond doubt. Can I open bank account in Europe via internet for this operations? June 22, at am. After all, the money on the prepaid card is yours. Receive all Investor Relations publications of comdirect and register for our e-mail distribution I am an Argentinian resident and citizen. Annual General Meeting. The easiest will be that you visit a local Kantonalbank in Stuart Bingham city, where your holiday home is … or ask in Switzerland for a recommendation. March 22, at am. Vorschläge aktivieren.

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Newsletter Datenschutz. Girokonto kündigen. Mit diesem Formular können Sie die comdirerct beauftragen Ihre Sparpläne zu ändern oder zu beenden. Weitere Google RuГџisches. Kündigungsgarantie Www.Glueck-Das-Gold.De garantieren dir die rechtssichere Kündigung deines Vertrags ohne Folgekosten! Im Test: 24 Fondssparpläne zur Geldanlage für Kinder. Aktienfonds Europa Unser Angebot in der Übersicht. Wie wird ein Fonds gemanagt? I am Swiss citizen leaving in Switzerland and currently interrested in opening Girokonto by Comdirect, in order to avoid cash withdrawal fees while travelling abroad. That is not a naturalness, when you have not established link credit rating in Germany. July 10, at am. You can decide for yourself, which method you like best. Please choose the one that is easiest for you. Igor says:. I do not know you and your financial circumstances. September 23, at am. Empfehlen Sie uns weiter. Sprechen Sie uns an. Service Sky.De/Konto Meine. Alles akzeptieren. Musterdepot B2B Login. Schutz vor Skimming. Viainvest Erfahrungen. Bei comdirect first alles auf Sie zugeschnitten. Wir geben Ihnen unsere Abschlussprovisionen! Jetzt eine Nachricht schreiben! Weitere Informationen comdirect This web page comdirect Kontakt. Geprüfte Kündigungsvorlagen Vorformulierte und vom Anwalt geprüfte Kündigungsvorlagen. Girokonto kündigen.

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